General Foot Health Practitioner FAQs:

We recognise that some learners will have relevant experience and that others will be new to medical matters. CFHP Courses are designed to be understandable to the medically inexperienced, and yet contain material that will be new to those with previously gained medical knowledge.

No - but you will need to consider set-up costs. A range of equipment, books and materials can be purchased from the College. Food, accommodation and travel costs are your only other expenses.

Yes, ring to make an appointment to view the College. If you come when the College clinics are in progress you can talk to our students and see them at work. You can view the College at other times but the student clinics will not be active. In the meantime, you can look at the 360 tours of our foot health clinic here.

College of foot health practitioners foot care training courses
foot health course training
College of foot health practitioners foot care training

Foot Care Courses FAQs:

At the College of Foot Health Practitioners, we welcome anyone to study one of our courses, however, we do have some entry requirements.

Those looking to study one of our foot health practitioner courses must be able to read and write as well as demonstrate normal hand/eye coordination.


When it comes to our foot health practitioner courses age is no barrier. At our college, we have taught students from ages 17 to 75.

Immediately. When you have completed the enrolment and induction procedure you will be ready to start your first lesson. Complete the assignments when ready and send them to us by email attachment or post.

College of foot health practitioners foot care training
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Training FAQs:

A foot health practitioner course consists of 12 Modules and 10 practical days, which are designed to be completed in one year. However, you can complete your theory as soon as you wish, and we will bring your practical forward.

The Practical Training takes place in the foot health college clinics, where students work under the supervision of real patients. The Principals are trained teachers and tutors teach current techniques. Our principals are trained teachers and can, therefore, tutor you on the current techniques used in foot health practitioner roles.

Yes. Whilst at the College you are covered by the College's own insurance policies. The Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners offers full insurance protection for the ongoing practice of all disciplines taught at the college.