Many people need simple foot care in order to maintain mobility and a good quality of life.  At The College of Foot Health, our foot health practitioner courses train you to recognise, assess, advise upon, and treat a wide range of foot conditions. On completion of the foot care course, you will be able to recognise how conditions such as obesity and diabetes increase the need for foot care and understand how each of these conditions is rapidly increasing in prevalence in our population.

 The NHS does not offer the service that FHPs provide. There is a real need for Foot Health Practitioners and plenty of scopes and opportunity to forge a new career and run a very successful practice.

Learn how you can develop your career with our foot care courses.

College of foot health practitioners nail courses
College of foot health practitioners nail courses


A two-day workshop will enable you to learn everything you want to know about the course - and the occupation. You can familiarise yourself with the College, meet the Administrators, and discover the relationship of the College to the accommodation, local shops, and car parking.

The Principal will lift the course 'off the page' with detailed explanation that cannot be conveyed by the course book alone. You will hear the words and terms that we use spoken and be introduced to the underlying concepts that inform the way we do things. An introduction to the clinics, equipment and instruments that we use, and how we work means fewer surprises when you come to do your practical.

The workshop will give you more confidence. You will gain greater understanding of the theory modules and feel more comfortable when you come to apply the theory in the clinical part of the course. You will meet fellow students just like yourself, and they just might be at the same stage as you are.

Some use the workshop early in their course to learn where they are going whilst others use it later as an enjoyable revision opportunity. Either way it will have a positive effect upon your preparation to enter into practice.


The work of a Foot Health Practitioner is varied and interesting, with every patient presenting a different range of problems that need attention. The practitioner diagnoses, decides upon the appropriate treatment, and then delivers that treatment either in the patient’s own home or from a clinic. The course prepares you to run your own practice and teaches all the skills that you need to be able to run a successful business.
12 modules, 80 hours of practical training over a period of 10 days, DipCHFP.



Continually elevated blood glucose causes macrovascular and microvascular damage to blood vessels. Damage is incurred at all organisational levels, so that the vessels suffer deterioration in the structure of their walls and a reduction in the patency of the lumen which restricts supply of nutrition and oxygenation. The lower limbs and feet thus become susceptible to tissue viability issues - ulceration - and this all too frequently leads to the need of amputation and its devastating consequences.

4 theory modules, three satisfactory essay responses lead to award of: DipDM, 20 CPD points

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Foot Health Practitioner Student Testimonials

WS - There are a few FHP colleges out there, so I did my research and found this was one of the best. I travelled up from the south and I was not disappointed!  

Undoubtedly John is extremely knowledgeable and like his small team they are all very passionate and enthusiastic.  

On a personal level, I found the theory quite challenging, but with the help & support from the team I got through it.  

The college offered a student house which I stayed in during my time of the 2 weeks practical. Lessons were taught at a high standard. The teachers in the clinic were always by your side to help and guide you when carrying out treatments on patients.  The team are very approachable and friendly and happy to answer any questions.  

I was made to feel at ease in prep for my test (If you're anything like me I usually freak out when someone mentions the word ‘test’). 

Overall, this course has given me the confidence to set up my own successful business. The only regret I have is that I wish I had done this sooner. 

It doesn’t end there... the college offers ongoing support, courses, master classes and an annual conference. So not only gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and grow as a professional but also have fun and meet new people and make new friends.  

CS - "The course has met my learning objectives and expectations. The learning experience and mode of delivery were presented very well. The interactions with staff and patients were invaluable. The content of the course was well presented, and I have come away feeling much more confident after many interactions, feedback and continual assessment. The value of the course was well priced – I have gained experience, a qualification and first-class content of course structure. My professional development needs have all been met. Excellent course provider, well informed. Good Tutor and mentoring.  Well-informed and value for money, superb training facility." 2023

SP - "Really enjoyed the two weeks of practical training. Fantastic Clinic, with very knowledgeable Tutors.  They made me feel confident and well-supported in every aspect throughout all the Clinics. I feel now I am well prepared to move forward in a domiciliary role. I would definitely recommend this College." 2023

VG - "I felt very supported able to ask questions and be guided in a patient manner. The afternoon lectures are very informative, I gained a lot from them. Thank you for a wonderful experience." 2023

MF - "Fantastic Course.  Excellent Tutors.  The Course is brilliantly put together and the literature is super informative." 2022

MW - "Probably the most worthwhile course I’ve done in 30 years! Your staff are excellent." 2022

HP - "My overall experience has been amazing & I would definitely recommend this course and college to anyone interested in becoming a FHP" 2022

NW - "The College team have all been extremely welcoming.  They are all very approachable and took time to listen.  Nothing was too much trouble for them.  I gained so much practical experience which is vital in preparing for my new career.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this college to future FHP’s." 2021

MC - "Thoroughly enjoyed my 2 week practical.  The staff are friendly, helpful and supportive.  John is so inspiring and I’ve learnt so much from him.  I’m looking forward to starting my own business knowing I have all of you behind me if I need any help." 2021

LD - "Thank you to the whole FHP team for delivering such a well-run and professional programme.  An outstanding learning experience." 2020

A. Glynn

"Have truly enjoyed every part of this course. Could not recommend it enough! The senior personnel are a fountain of knowledge, so inspiring! All the staff go above and beyond – we learnt with the best! "

H. Peet

"I will leave here feeling part of a family! At 45 it was worrying to change careers but I honestly cannot wait. Every member of staff is a credit to the College."

E.J. Harper

"I have had an amazing time the staff and tutors are lovely. My future looks and feels a lot brighter!"

S. Price

"This course has been superb, the quick feedback on the modules was useful. The tutors and office staff were approachable and kind."



Our qualified practitioners join the Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners and are listed on the Alliance Register which is a Public Facing register.

The Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners