Foot Health Practitioner Jobs

Foot Health Practitioner Jobs help to preserve mobility and overall well-being for people who require basic foot care.  Our foot health practitioner courses at The College of Foot Health empower you to identify, evaluate, counsel on, and manage various foot issues. From completing our foot practitioner courses, you will be able to identify how diseases like diabetes and obesity make proper foot care more important and comprehend how the prevalence of each of these problems is rising quickly in contemporary society. This is the 1st step towards Foot Health Practitioner Jobs.

The type of service provided by FHPs is not available through NHS. Practitioners in foot health are greatly needed, and there are many opportunities to launch a lucrative new business and pursue a new career path within Foot Health Practitioner Jobs.

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What we Offer for Foot Health Practitioner Jobs

With the College of Foot Health Practitioners, you will be able to witness and work with the majority of the various foot disorders that you can investigate throughout your time here. The field of foot health can offer a very fascinating and wide range of work. In order to treat the wide range of problems and presentations, our goal is to teach courses that will broaden your knowledge in foot health and lead you on the path to Foot Health Practitioner Jobs.

Our courses include:

  • A Diploma in Foot Health Practice
  • An Advanced Diploma in Foot Health Practice
  • A Diploma in How to Perform NG19
  • A Diploma in Diabetes
  • A Diploma in Biomechanics & Orthotics
  • A Diploma in Remedial Massage of the Lower Limbs
  • A Diploma in Verruca Management & Cryotherapy

What Foot Health Practitioners Courses Can Do For You

One of two fundamental practice methods is available to you when it comes to Foot Health Practitioner Jobs. The first is working in a surgery, where your extensive understanding of foot health can make you a valuable asset. The other option is to operate as a freelancer and do "local surgeries," or domiciliary visits, to patients in their homes.

Anybody starting their own foot health company should budget for setup expenses. These will change according to whether you choose to go domiciliary, have your own operation, or do both. A home visiting case, an autoclave, an ultrasonic cleaner, instruments, medications, insurance, and, should you choose to operate a surgery, a treatment chair and a trolley are among the other items you will need. You can get more information about expenses when it comes to Foot Health Practitioner Jobs from the College of FHP. Although self-employment is not for the weak of heart or the indifferent, the rewards can be tremendous.

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Who can apply?

Students from throughout the UK and the Channel Islands are welcome to enrol in our CPD courses. We also welcome international students from the European Union. We want to be able to set students far and wide on the best track for Foot Health Practitioner Jobs. It is crucial to remember, nonetheless, that it is the prospective student's obligation to confirm that our certifications will be accepted in their nation of residence. This could affect your chances of receiving permission to practise in your home country after completing our course. Similarly, we are unable to provide training to students from outside the European Union unless they can produce evidence proving their residency in the UK due to new laws.

Before enrolling with us, we strongly advise potential students to ascertain the circumstances in their home nation.

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About Us

The College of Foot Health Practitioners has delivered effective training for over 20 years and the ongoing success of our practitioners is a testimonial to the value of our teaching. The College offers indefinite backup and support to all of its graduates. We strongly advocate continuing professional development and ongoing learning as essential to safe and effective practice. We offer basic life support sessions and host a programme of CPD workshops and masterclasses. Additional CPD and practice advancement are offered by the Alliance of Private Sector Practitioners.


A warm and friendly environment in which professional tutors deliver our course.


Our course provides two weeks of hands-on practical tuition with real patients.


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Fully equipped environment in which to undertake practical training.


We provide ongoing support and further courses beyond graduation.


Friendly, human, caring, supportive staff who take pleasure in your achievements.


The College is open to viewing - you can talk directly to students currently in training.


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