Nail Reconstruction

Nail reconstruction comes in handy for damaged toenails that may have had surgery for an ingrown toenail, fungal infections, or trauma. Regardless of the reason, your clients will experience discomfort as a result of these conditions.

With the help of the College of Foot Health Practitioners 1-day course, you will be able to offer a solution that can change people's lives: nail reconstruction.

Using specialised gels, our one-day Cosmetic Nail Reconstruction Training course equips foot health practitioners to produce temporary prosthetic nails that are aesthetically acceptable. There are various advantages to this technique:

Better Appearance: Give broken nails a more natural appearance to increase your clients' self-esteem.

Enhanced Comfort: Shield delicate nail beds from rashes resulting from broken or missing nails.

Enhanced Durability: Long-lasting protection is possible with repaired nails, which can endure for 6 to 8 weeks.

student observing nail reconstruction course
nail reconstruction courses at the college of fhp

What You’ll Learn From Our Nail Reconstruction Course

  • Recognising diseases and abnormalities of the nails.
  • Setting up the nail bed and, if required, the nail plate.
  • Using specialised gels to provide a long-lasting and realistic prosthetic nail.
  • Advising on aftercare and maintaining repaired nails.

During the nail reconstruction, you’ll be using specialised gels. Fuzion is a system for rebuilding and reconstructing with aesthetics. The process, which is curable in both UV and LED light, can be utilised to improve nails that have been injured, infected, or have undergone ingrown toenail surgery. Fuzion can be applied as a straightforward protective overlay on the hands and feet without risk.

The training includes a comprehensive beginning kit costing over £200, which includes a cutting-edge white LED curing light, allowing the foot health practitioner to begin practicing right away.

Benefits Of Our Nail Reconstruction

Skilled Instructors: Acquire knowledge from pros in the field who are enthusiastic about podiatry and have years of years of experience.

Practical Training: Acquire applicable knowledge and understanding through hands-on practice under supervision and demonstrations.

Quality Materials: You get to learn and use professional equipment whilst completing a course so you are experienced when applying your knowledge in the future on your own customers.

10 CPD Points: Upon successful completion, earn valuable CPD (Continuing Professional Development) points.

This Course Is Perfect For

  • Competent FHPs trying to increase the range of services they provide.
  • Professionals who wish to assist clients in overcoming the shame that comes with having broken nails.
  • Those aiming to establish a name for providing cutting-edge foot care solutions.
student completing nail reconstruction course

Get Booked In For Nail Reconstruction Today

At £350, the one-day course on nail reconstruction training is competitively priced. This comes with an all-inclusive beginning kit and an advanced LED curing light so you can start practicing right away.

Give yourself the confidence in your knowledge to help your clients regain their confidence today! 

To reserve a spot in any of our upcoming Nail Reconstruction masterclasses, complete our booking form. Or have a look at what other courses we are offering, we have a wide range to get your foot health practitioner qualifications to the next level!

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